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Learning Center

Welcome to our Learning Center!

Blue Access University

Welcome to our University! Through the use of videos and documentation we will help you understand Access Control Systems and how our storefront can assist you with your deployment.

Undergrad Courses
Let's get you familiar with the hardware and software required to build an Access Control System and the steps involved in deploying it.

Graduate Courses

The next set of courses are sponsored directly from ISONAS and go a level deeper than the undergrad presentations that you have already completed.

ISONAS offers the graduate courses directly. You can register here, and learn about a new and innovative direction for Access Control.

Here are the minimum, recommended list to understand the hardware:

Learn about the Pure Access Cloud platform:

Features of the Pure Access Cloud Platform:

Collegiate Library

Product Information

 Product Specification Installation
Isonas Proximity Reader



RC-03 Installation

IP Bridge Lock Diagram

WaveLynx reader

USB Reader DataSheet

Reader Line DataSheet

Mullion Installation

SingleGang Installation

Trine 3478

Electric Strike


Wood Door

Metal Door

HES 9600-630

(MagLock Alternative)

Data Sheet



Mounting Installation

Installation Template

RCI 3513 Cabinet Lock Data Sheet Installation

Thin Card


Key Fob

Cap Tag

Thin Card Lanyard Slot

High Frequency(13.56mhz)

 Thin Card



DLink DPE-301GI single port PoE/PoE+ Injector Datasheet
DLink DES-1008P+ 8-port PoE/PoE+ switch Datasheet